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Car fleet

We have a modern fleet of 30 vehicles, which is run by our subsidiary DLT Slatiňany and two contracted reliable partners, whose services we use for many years and we have total exclusivity on their fleet, including continuously monitoring and evaluation.

We provide through our fleet regular service vehicles from 0,5 tons to 24 tons across the all European Union.

We are fully aware of the responsibility for the shipment of cargo and for any damage during shipment, all the costs are insured against damage of up to 10.000.000,- CZK.

  • 30 DAF and Mercedes trucks
  • 18 coil trailers for roll transportation up to 25 tons
  • 5 trailers for the transportation of dangerous googs (ADR)
  • 2 trailers for the transportation of goods under regulated temperature

With every transportation we offer: